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Oh Hi! First, I’d like to welcome you to my blog! Cool that you found the way!😁

I think you don’t know what am I writing about just from the title, so I will tell you. I am writing about my practical training which I did in the beautiful state Carinthia. I’m sure you know that Carinthia has many really lovely lakes. I don’t want to show off, but I had the chance to work nearby the lake named Klopeinersee. But in which company did I work?  To answer this question, I worked in a restaurant which is called Seerestaurant Princes for 3 months and it was a great time, with a lot of new experiences, new friends and also very stressful situations. 😳

In my blog I’d like to tell you more about the company, the people who run this company and about one of the most stressful days during these 3 months. And in my last point, i will write about the working atmosphere.

First, I will give you some information about my practical training. I did my practical training in a restaurant in Carinthia with 5 other students. The restaurant is called “Seerestaurant Princes” and it can be found near the beautiful “Klopeinersee”. The owner of the restaurant doesn’t only have a restaurant, there is a hotel too. 5 minutes away from my workplace was our own house where I lived for the whole three months. It was a great comfort because I didn’t have to use public transport and walked to my workplace every day.

Now I tell you some facts about the company. The company is a small one and is run by Harald and he is also the main boss. His wife, Christine is also involved in the business. Harald is in the chef position and cooks in the kitchen. Harald is a really heated person in stress situations. When he had a lot to do, you had to be really careful with his feelings. 😂 But in person, he is a great cook and really funny. His wife, who was also head of the company, helped us behind the counter and did the reception work of the hotel. In some situations, it was a real struggle because we were not that much personnel and when she was in the hotel, we needed her the most in the restaurant. The restaurant isn’t that big.  It has two main places to work in. For the guests, it was possible to eat on the balcony on the terrace and directly on the lake with tables on the lawn.

Now let me come to our work conditions. In my opinion, we had good working conditions. We had two times when we could work. We could work from 6  ó clock until 2 ó clock and from 2 ó clock until the end of the day. Our job was to clean the restaurant and in the main area, we had to take care of our costumers.

Now I will write about the most stressful day of my life. On this day we had a really big event. It’s called “Seefest” and on that day we had 150 reservations. The problem of this event was that the restaurant only had space for 100 people. So we had to build more tables in the yard. It was very stressfully and on this evening, we worked until 3 ó clock in the morning.

In this last paragraph, I will write about the working atmosphere. We all had a really family-like connection. We found solutions for every problem and talked a lot during work time. In our free time, we often went to bars and talked the whole night. Our favourite bar was the 20’s. The owners of this bar are Freddy and Evi.

To sum up, I can say that I took the people really into my heart and it was hard to say goodbye at the end of the three months. I learned so much new stuff and I am really proud to be able to say that I worked together with all of them.

I hope you liked my blog about my practical training. Fell free to leave a comment and tell me about your experiences in your practical training.


My practical training

Hello beautiful people and welcome back to my blog,

I hope you are doing well and you have been in good spirits to read my blog. I will tell you today about my 3-month compulsory internship and tell you how I liked it. I hope you like my blog and leave me a comment.

I did my practical training at a company called Fidas Murtal Steuerberatung GmbH. The company is located in Zeltweg in the AIZ. Due to my sisters, I became aware of the company. The company has two floors. On the first floor, there is the secretary’s office, the office of the first boss and the kitchen. On the second floor, are the offices of accountants and clerks and the office of the second boss. In addition, they have a kitchen on the second floor where every second Thursday of the month, lunch is eaten together. The food was always paid by our bosses and we always had a fun get-together.

My tasks were always archiving, telephoning and finally bringing the clients into the meeting room and providing them with drinks. Most of the time, I was on the first floor in the archive and had to divide the files that were older than 7 years into two different categories, depending on which boss the client belonged. Sometimes I was also in the office and scanned and archived the folders of the offices. It was a change because I was not in a sticky room. If I was done with the first archive, I was allowed to go into the second and that was 100 times greater than the first … I bet with my sister, since I was only there for a week, that I put the whole archive of the bosses into the office and get ready with the whole. Being a very ambitious person, I took this bet very seriously and left it empty within 3 days. At first, I assigned it to Brander und Wagner and then I put it in the offices, they noticed that every time they were annoyed, that it had not been for 12 years. In the last 2 days, I was allowed to work on my internship portfolio.

All in all, I enjoyed the internship with my sister, but I would just never work with a family member in the same company because sometimes there was a dispute, but we also had a lot of fun together.

I hope you are interested in my blog and you have a picture of how I did my practical training. Stay tuned, there will be something new soon.

Yours, Nina

My Practical Training

Bildergebnis für hotel hochschober logoDear readers,

Today I want to tell you something about my internship, which I did in a hotel called “Hochschober” on the Turracherhöhe. The hotel is situated next to a lake. The Turracherhöhe is pretty remote, you cannot reach it by any public transportation, and that is why I got there by car.

In 1929, Hans and Hilde Leeb opened the hotel and within the years the hotel got bigger, more modern and more popular. The hotel itself offers about 100 rooms which are equipped with beds (obviously), bathrooms, TVs, free WIFI, Bildergebnis für hotel hochschoberbalconies and a lot of cargo space. Some special attractions the hotel offers are that you can rent e-bikes or pedal boats, you can also use the 5000 square meters wellness area, go for a hike in the mountains or swim in the lake. The hotel has five dining rooms with an average of 100 seats.

Enough about the hotel, let me now tell you something about my work. In the morning I was responsible for making coffee, serving the guests’ food and cleaning the tables afterwards. In the evening, I served the guests’ dinner and the other waiters served the drinks. During the day, I also worked in the “office”, my tasks there were washing glasses, polishing cutlery, clearing away dishes and tidying up.  In the first few weeks, it was really difficult to orient in the hotel because there are so many rooms and it is really big. Another problem was that I could not get along with some of my colleagues because we had some disagreements and they were unsympathetic in general, but all in all, I tried to get along with them and I tried to concentrate on my work.

In my free time, I mostly did not know what to do because the weather was pretty often rainy or cloudy. Yet, there were a few sunny days where I went for walks and explored the region.

All in all, my practical training was fun, I made a few new friends and it helped me to grow my self-confidence (at least a bit). Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it.

Bildergebnis für hotel hochschober winter



Experience, money, burglary and much more…

You want to know something about my experience during my practical training?🤔
Then you are right here! Come on, let’s start…🤗

I did my practical training in the Raiffeisenbank Zirbenland.💰 Maybe now you think that’s boring but I think you are wrong. You will see…😉Bildergebnis für Geld

I started working on the 3rd of June at eight o’clock.⌛ I did my practical training in the “Raiffeisenbank Möderbrugg”. This bank belongs to a group of banks. They all together are called “Raiffeisenbank Zirbenland”. The head office is located in Bildergebnis für RaiffeisenbankJudenburg on the main square. I think everyone has passed by this bank already. As I explained earlier, the main bank is in Judenburg. But there are another 4 banks. One is in Weisskirchen, one in Obdach, one of them is in Unzmarkt and the last one is in Möderbrugg. In Möderbrugg I spent most of my practice time, but sometimes I also worked in Unzmarkt. One week I spent in Judenburg. But this wasn’t a coincidence…

One day at 5 o’clock my mobile phone rang all the time. That was a rarity because normally, I don’t have my phone with me in my room when I go to sleep.😴 But this night was anyhow different. So at 5 o’clock, I woke up and looked at my phone. I could not believe what I read. Some guys broke into the bank where I Bildvorschauwas completing my internship. These guys stole a JCB  in the neighbourhood and broke with this JCB into the bank. It was a really bad damage but luckily, the housebreaker got no money. Afterwards, it became clear that this foray had already been planned for months. The police couldn’t catch the robber because he got away with a stolen Pick-Up. There were already other raids in some other banks but they never got any money. I don’t know exactly if they are caught already but I think I have heard that some of these guys are already locked up.


At the end of my internship, I was a little bit sad😢 that I have to go to school again because it was a really exciting and informative time in the Raiffeisen Bank. Maybe I will go back to this work after my finals. It has definitely become an option for me. 😊

I hope this blog was a little interesting for you and you will read the next one too. I wish you a great day! See you there! 👋👋👋❤❤

American Food and More :)

Hey guys! 🙂 Vereinigte Staaten, Fahnen

Did you know that there’s an American diner in Zeltweg? Yeah, it actually is and it’s called Fransy’s American Diner. And I really had the privilege to work there, with a great team and delicious food, what do I need more? So, my internship started on the 1st of August and ended on the 31st of August.

Auto Hop, Drive In RestaurantWhat’s important to know is that they knew me before, because I was, or rather am, a regular guest. This means that the application was easy and I was not that nervous at all.

First I’d like to start with some general information about the restaurant. You already know because I wrote before, that it’s called “Fransy’s American Diner”. But there’s a secret I’m going to tell you, the name consists of two words: FRIENDS and FAMILY and the combination means “Fransy”. The restaurant is, as I said, located in Zeltweg on the opposite of the military post and it’s reachable from the main road. Of course, you can use public transports to get there, the bus station is right in front of it.

Now let’s move on to talk about the interior of Fransy’s. The main colors of the furnishings are turquoise and dusky pink. I think it looks pretty good. There are 8 tables inside and 5 on the outside where you can sit down, rest and enjoy the delicious food.  But sadly you can’t stay there overnight. 

May I now take you to my favorite part, the meals. As you might have noticed, I looooooveeee food. They offer a Burger, Brot, Lebensmittel, Käse, Essenlot of different graceful dishes and from time to time, also some specials like on the 22nd and 23rd of November, a special pork that is smoked for some hours. Of course, I’ll be there, could you imagine I would let it go? What drama would that be?! 😉 So back to the important things. ^^ They offer some starters like potato-cheese-balls or onion rings, but also burgers, different salads, hot sandwiches, steaks, baby-back-rips and kids menus.  Nearly every meal could be served veggie. Everything is home-made, I think except the fries, the bread and the mozzarella-sticks.

Next, let us move to my part in the story. I was responsible for the service, that means I had to clean and lay the tables, take the orders to the kitchen, receive the orders from the guests and take the drinks to the guests. So just general waitress stuff. But if someone in the kitchen was ill, I sometimes had to help there. Like decorating the meals or something else.

Last but not least, the staff. We actually were like a little family. It was gorgeous. The team consists of six members. Two important people, the two bosses, Claudia and Klaus. Klaus is also the chef and Claudia was responsible for me. Next, there Amerikanische Diner, Rote Stühle, Cafeis Nikki who is the chef’s right hand and also the queen of cakes and desserts.  Also absolutely necessary is Anita, she’s their waitress, without her nothing would be possible. And last but not least, our “Mami” and.. oh no I actually forgot her name.. but they are responsible for the sinks. Everyone of them is important for the restaurant. The team is soooooo nice and funny!

I’m really glad I chose to do my internship there. You should visit us and enjoy the delicious food and a milkshake!

Thanks for reading guys!

-Selina 🙂

“We take care of your well-being!”~Jufa Hotel

Dear blog readers,

You may have recognized that I am new on this blog site, so I am gonna introduce myself in brief. My name is Karina and I am 18 years old. I live in Fohnsdorf and that’s in Styria, in Austria. The topic I want to talk about is my internship. So last summer I did my practical training and gained a lot of experiences and learned new things. This became a very important part of my life and now I decided to write my first blog and share my knowledge with you.

I completed my internship at the Jufa Hotel in Judenburg.
But how did I get the idea, to work in a hotel in the first place?

In short, a very good friend of mine has recommended it to me and said that her acquaintances only said positive things about the JUFA hotel and that I should try it out there.

The hotel is located in the vicinity of the main square in Judenburg and it is easy to find. Next to the hotel, there is also an event center which is well known in Judenburg.

You may have heard the story of both buildings, if not I’ll give you some short information. The hotel was a Jesuit monastery 400 years ago, and the event center was a Jesuit church.

My working shifts were different but most of the time my colleagues needed me at the breakfast buffet. So I worked often from 7am till 3:30pm. I helped in the kitchen, cleaned the tables and served guests. After the buffet, I cleaned the hall and helped at the reception. Sometimes my colleagues worked part-time and when they were gone, I was responsible for the whole house and the new guests. I liked the time at the reception more, because it was a lot of fun than being in the service area.Now we came to the end of my very first blog and I hope you enjoyed reading it. You can also leave a comment if you want to give some advice about what I should leave out or make better next time. I wish you a good day and all the best!

3 months between taxes and clients

Hello, my lovely people!

My blog today is about my practical training which I did last summer.

I did my practical training at a company called “Dr. Schabernig WTH GesmbH” based in Judenburg. In fact, it was really easy for me to reach my work placement because I also live in Judenburg. Otherwise, it would have been easy too because it’s easily accessible by bus.

The company’s main areas are accounting and wage withholding. I worked in the accounting department. The company has 17 employees who are divided up in the two departments. About the working conditions, I can say that I worked flexi-time so I could start between 6am and 8am. I mostly started work at 8am and worked until 5pm. What I really liked because is that you are self-employed and have to deal with your minus hours independently.

The climate in the company I worked in was amazing, I felt immediately accepted and like I belonged to the others. Everybody took care of me and gave me a lot of credit. I was allowed to do my own bookkeeping and talk to clients about it. Nobody made a difference that I was “only” an intern. On my last day, they even had organised a farewell party for me and I was really sad that it was over.

Lastly, something about my personal profile. I earned a lot of benefits. I have become much more independent and grown-up. I found my dream job and spot. I can’t wait to work there again next summer.

I can only tell you about positive experiences and I hope you look forward to your work experiences too.

Leave a comment and maybe you can tell me something about your internship!


My practical training in the mountains

Welcome to my unstable blog. Yes, you heard it right, I mean unstable because I am trying my best but I am not a really good writer in terms of reliability. But now to my topic. As you can see in the headline, this blog is about my practical training in the mountains. My school forced me to have an internship for 3 months in order to pass the 3rd grade. So I packed my bags, took a good friend of mine with me, named Chiara (she also was forced to do that), and we drove to Carinthia in a little valley where landscape and cows are the only things that can be seen.

Firstly, I give you some information about the hotel. Petschnighof offers 20 rooms and also three cabins. The rooms are equipped with large beds with a big TV, of course, kitchen and bathroom. The hotel provides a sauna, a lake to swim and there are different types of rooms available for children and teenagers with PlayStations, computers and table football. However, let’s talk about the special attractions. You can do many sorts of activities like riding a horse, swimming in the lake, like I said before, or taking a long walk in the forest. You can also choose between climbing, biking or archery. Before I’m going to talk about my working conditions and salary. I worked 8 hours a day but sometimes I had to work longer because of the many events. I had split shifts that means sometimes I started in the morning and in the afternoon I had my free time or I started in the afternoon, so I could sleep the whole morning. As a waitress, you don’t earn much money, but it doesn’t matter – it’s not that important. And last but not least, my experience. The members of the staff were treated very well, we used to help each other. In my opinion, the benefits are that I learned to be flexible, to take care of my workplace and to improve myself. I was shy but I had to talk to people, so I became more open towards others.


To sum up, I can say, if you are also forced to do a practical training, I would recommend doing it further away from home because when you come back, you are much more experienced. So now I hope you like my blog, please keep on reading and feel free to leave a comment.



A Red Bull at the Red Bull Ring

In this blog, I’m going to talk about my experience at the Red Bull Ring Red Bull, Energydrink, Getränk, Coffein and the stress I survived.

My internship started on the 3rd of June and lasted until the end of August. About the way to my work and my beginning. To work I went by bike, by bus it could have been easier but in Spielberg are many problems with the bus lines. To come to work it would have taken 25 minutes and on the bike it was really cool because of the wonderful weather. Well at the beginning it was very stressful, exhausting for me because I wasn’t prepared for the work-life and I was really shy to talk to my colleagues, that’s why my first month wasn’t a good start.

I worked 5 days a week for 8 hours a day, my working hours were different, sometimes I started at 7:00 in the morning and on other days at 11:30. I mostly worked at the restaurant Bull´s Lane and my job was the service at the restaurants, cleaning the tables, laying the tables, polishing cutlery, washing dishes and sometimes the bar if help was needed. The other places I worked were Red Bull Ring Lounge, Coffeeshop, Media Center , Winners Lounge and in the four Lounges. Rennsport, F1, Auto, Geschwindigkeit

One stressful point was that Red Bull Ring has many events like Formel1, Moto GP, ADAC GT Masters and there are very many guests from other countries and in this moments you have to work and you can’t say I want to have a break because you have to function.The biggest event is Formula 1, there were thousands of people and it was one of the hottest weekends. During Formula 1 I worked at the coffee shop and there were the whole time people without a break – that was a real experience.

The climate among my colleagues was very good and we were like a small family Image. They were very helpful for us interns they showed us everything and that contributed to a good working atmosphere. The climate between my boss and me was awesome. The best thing was that we could address every problem with him.

I had many advantages in this internship because I became much better at the service and I’m better at dealing with customers. I would recommend a practical training at the Red Bull Ring because you learn much for your work-life.

I hope you liked my blog. Feel free to leave a comment and tell me about your internship experience.

………Cu Albiona 🙂 <3

The summer of my life

Hey guys and welcome back to my blog! Today I’m going to write about my practical training. First, I’m going to write about the hotel in general. Second, I would like to point out my colleagues. Then, I will write about my personal experiences and finally, I will provide some pictures for you.

So let’s start with the general information about the hotel. I did my practical training at the Jufa Hotel Seckau in Seckau. It was very easy to reach the hotel from the motorway. There is just one possible way to reach the hotel, by car, because only two buses run to Seckau a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I’m not sure but I think the hotel offers 24 rooms and the capacity is very high. The rooms have just a simple infrastructure. There’s just a bathroom, a TV, a bedroom and a cupboard in it. A very cool thing is that we offer a sauna. In the hotel, we have four different types of rooms: a one-, two-, five- or six-bedroom. If you stay in a five- or six-bedroom, you have a lot of space. If all one- and two- bedrooms are taken, you have the chance to take a five- or six-bedroom alone without extra charge. You also have the chance to do a lot of activities because the hotel offers special packages, for example, winter wonderland. They also have a lot of theme buffets and I can tell you, the food tastes very, very good.

Now let’s move on to my colleagues and the working atmosphere. The working atmosphere in the hotel and among my colleagues was very friendly and funny. We got along very well with each other. The relationship between the boss and the trainees was very good because our boss was always understanding and caring. There weren’t any issues during my practical training.

Now I want to write about my work. In Seckau the people normally are very friendly and that’s the reason why the service went really well. I worked 10 hours a day and my day off varied during the week. Luckily, I had no split shift because I usually worked in the morning. In the hotel, I was the girl for everything. I worked at the reception, in the rooms, in the kitchen and in the office.

Now I’ll move to my last point, to my personal experiences. For me, the biggest blessing was to learn how to become open-minded towards other people. And of course, I improved my service skills. Another big point is that now I know I can handle stress very well.