Who doesn’t want to be famous? But is it as good as you think?

Hello guys,

Today I am going to tell you something about the pros and cons of being famous. First, I am going to inform you about why many people want to be famous. After that, I will describe the dangers of stardom and my last point will be the problems of the stars that come with the fame.

First of all, people want to be famous for several reasons. The most known one is obviously money. Who doesn’t want to be rich and be able to afford everything they want? Another point is the fame itself – being known all over the world with everyone knowing your face. The best way would be getting famous by doing literally nothing just like Kim Kardashian, am I right? Of course, with fame do come new people into your life. Famous people, rich people or just simply ways to get more famous yourself.

However, just as usual, everything has its dark side and, of course, fame has a dark side, too. Like you know for sure from several newspapers, if you are famous, you don’t have any privacy. Paparazzi take pictures of you in every single situation of your life – mostly moments you wouldn’t want the whole wide world to know from or at least to be part of. You also have a lot of weight put on your shoulders, so there are very high expectations. You aren’t allowed to make mistakes or make a fool of yourself in public by, for example, doing things every “normal” person wouldn’t even get any recognition for doing.
And these are only two of many bad things fame involves.

Nevertheless, many problems are caused by fame. Many stars take drugs because otherwise they couldn’t handle the stress or the high pressure. Also, a lot of famous people get a burnout after a few years because of the same reasons. If you fall on a lower state of popularity, you could lose all of your “friends” that are only there in the good times.

After all, I want to ask you a serious question: Are you willing to pay such a high price just for being famous and rich?
Please leave me a comment and tell me your opinion about this subject.

I hope you will join my blog again next time and stay tuned for more content.

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2 thoughts on “Who doesn’t want to be famous? But is it as good as you think?”

  1. Hey Jürgen,

    I really like your Blog and I have the same opinion as you. It is probably one of the best things of beeing famous – the money. But I don’t think that you can get famous for doing “nothing”. Kim K has as i think a TV Show, a Make Up Brand and a Underwear Shop.

    And my answer of your quesion: I don’t want to be famous, I don’t need this “friend” or the money to be happy. As you mentioned you don’t have privacy.

    Your Blog was really interresting to read!

    Best wishes,

  2. Hi Jürgen,

    I just read your blog about “Who doesn’t want to be famous? But is it as good as you think?” and i really liked it. I think this title fits perfectly to your blog, I also love your structure and your arguments, they are all clear and easy to understand. Such a great work!
    Now to my answer to your question. I want to be famous but in a different way, for example with the work that makes me happy like “Bartending” or “Cooking”. I think in the beginning I can deal with the negative points and later on we will see, nobody lives forever;)

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read your blog.

    Best wishes,


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